Viroqua Cemetery to open up environmentally friendly burial website, encouraging natural environment

VIROQUA – When Gail Frie moved to Viroqua in the 1990s, he discovered a divide in the small western Wisconsin town between older inhabitants, several of them farmers, and youthful progressives who’d appear there seeking a quieter life. 

It can be not an unusual break up, primarily in far more rural regions. But in time, Frie seen the marriage improving — bolstered by a shared price of the land and a motivation to secure it. 

All those shared values, Frie suspects, are what has produced throughout-the-board pleasure about a new venture for the local cemetery: eco-friendly burial. 

In August, the Viroqua Cemetery Affiliation voted to approve reserving a portion of their cemetery, which has been all around since the mid-1800s, for green burials.

Environmentally friendly burial, in some cases termed organic burial, eliminates embalming chemicals and large concrete and metal vaults from the burial procedure. Rather, the human being is buried in a biodegradable casket or shroud. Graves are dug shallower, so that the overall body rests in just cardio soil and can decompose simply. The land the plots are on is normally provided exclusive care to preserve its natural habitat. 

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