Vienna declared the most ‘eco-friendly’ city in the world for business

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors meets Monday through Friday in Vienna – Copyright AFP/File ALEX HALADA

Some business ventures are more environmentally friendly than others (and some are entirely unfriendly, contributing to pollution and climate change). The more progressive businesses help to promote environmental sustainability and go some way towards addressing the global challenge of climate change.

To assess which cities are optimal for more eco-conscious businesses the firm Solopress analysed 50 global cities across a variety of metrics, including each location’s sustainability ranking, pollution score, air quality and number of B corporations.

The outcome was where Vienna tops the list for eco-conscious businesses and European cities populate the top five. The top ten is:

Rank City Country Sustainable development ranking Pollution score Air quality Distance of mapped cycling routes (km) No. of B corporations
1 Vienna Austria 82.3 15.5 84.6 2,868,408 154
2 Stockholm Sweden 85.2 18.4 84.4 337,343 180
3 Copenhagen Denmark 85.6 21.5 81.8 348,862 228
4 Edinburgh United Kingdom 80.6 28.1 74.6 205,019 1,765
5 Munich Germany 82.2 25 74.8 1,438,715 490
6 Boston United States 74.6 30.9 74.5 95,373 2,496
7 Seattle United States 74.6 33.9 73.9 258,218 2,496
8 Amsterdam The Netherlands 79.9 25.5 76.3 1,063,403 487
9 Oslo Norway 82.4 21.6 77.3 613,920 113
10 Tampa United States 74.6 34.3 75.5 8,969 2,496

Vienna takes the lead as the best city for eco-conscious businesses, with the second highest air quality (84.6) and the second longest distance of mapped cycling routes (2,868,408).

The U.S. is placed lowlier on the list, with Boston coming in at number six, being  home to 2,496 B corporations and with a solid sustainable development score of 74.6. Seattle ranks in seventh place, also with an impressive number of B corporations (2,496).

The highest U.K. city is Edinburgh. Bubbling below this, businesses most likely to adopt sustainable print options are those based in Oxford and Cambridge. In the case of Cambridge, considerable efforts have gone into re-shaping the city to boost sustainability.

In contrast, Marseille is the least favourable city, plagued by the highest pollution score and the worst air quality among analysed cities. Los Angeles and Barcelona also struggle, with. Barcelona suffers from high pollution levels and a paucity of cycling routes, ranking 11th from the bottom among analysed cities.

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