Shira Joudan, tackling PFAS and environmental contaminants with chemistry

Environmental chemistry is at the forefront of addressing today’s most pressing ecological challenges, with researchers leveraging foundational science to deal with authentic-earth issues. Shira Joudan’s work epitomizes this generate to make a change.

Joudan, an environmental and analytical chemist, is investigating how reactions influence the environmental fate of natural contaminants,

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Dresden dump growth would not go forward without the need of tackling fears, setting minister states

Ontario’s setting minister suggests that a controversial proposal to increase a dormant landfill in Dresden, Ont., will facial area a “comprehensive environmental assessment.”

The announcement will come following considerable community opposition to the approach. The landfill, found just more than a kilometre from the edge of the southwestern Ontario local

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‘We’ve lost the right to be pessimistic’: Patagonia treads fine line tackling climate crisis as for-profit company | Business

Under California blue skies, the Patagonia outdoor clothing brand’s corporate campus is bustling with its usual mix of employees, pets – and kids.

Situated in Ventura, north-west of Los Angeles and close to the beach for surfing purposes, the sprawl of neutral-colored stucco buildings is very on-brand for a business

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