Abrupt reduction in shipping emission as an inadvertent geoengineering termination shock produces substantial radiative warming

GEOS-GOCART simulation of IMO impact on aerosol fields

All simulation experiments were run with the Goddard Chemistry Aerosol Radiation and Transport (GOCART) aerosol module39,40 in NASA Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) Earth System Model (ESM). The GEOS model has a one-moment cloud microphysics module and a rapid radiation transfer

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Approach for Bradford’s Catalyst Centre receives blend of sticker shock, hope

Councillors specific worries around $200K cost to city and far more than $500K desired from other sources It is ‘less a company strategy and much more a hope,’ suggests Scott

Options for the proposed BWG Catalyst Centre are starting up to just take shape.

6 months after John Pickard, founder

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