Rewilding successes and free public transport: Positive environmental stories from 2024

Climate anxiety is very real, but these good news stories from 2024 prove there is hope for our planet.


Eco-anxiety, climate doom, environmental existential dread – as green journalists, we see these terms used a lot – and often feel them ourselves.

While there’s a lot to be worried

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Thai island of Samui weighs ‘White Lotus effect’ against environmental cost | Thailand

Along the beachfront on the Thai island of Samui, vendors are busy setting up tables covered with souvenirs and sunglasses. Staff stand outside massage shops and restaurants gesture to passersby, hoping to entice in tourists.

Soon, there could be even more customers passing through the area. The island is

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Environmental advocates heartbroken over sale of Florida seabird preserve | Florida

Environmental advocates in Florida say they are heartbroken that a wealthy investor who once intended to save a historic private island as a seabird preserve now wants to sell it for development into “Miami’s most exclusive address”.

Bird Key, one of only two natural islands in upper Biscayne Bay, was

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Shira Joudan, tackling PFAS and environmental contaminants with chemistry

Environmental chemistry is at the forefront of addressing today’s most pressing ecological challenges, with researchers leveraging foundational science to deal with authentic-earth issues. Shira Joudan’s work epitomizes this generate to make a change.

Joudan, an environmental and analytical chemist, is investigating how reactions influence the environmental fate of natural contaminants,

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Green teams outraged following Ottawa changes the regulations on environmental assessments

Major industrial resource jobs beneath provincial jurisdiction that spew large amounts of carbon emissions will no lengthier set off federal environmental assessments — a transfer which is angering environmental teams.

The Liberal government walked again the necessity in amendments to its controversial 2019 Effects Evaluation Act, sections of which the

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Republican AGs assault Biden’s EPA for pursuing environmental discrimination instances

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Republican lawyers normal attacked the Biden administration’s said target of pursuing environmental justice, calling it a kind of “racial engineering.‘’

Florida Attorney Basic Ashley Moody and 22 other GOP officials asked the EPA Tuesday to quit working with civil legal rights rules to investigate steps

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