China’s blueprint for cleaner air and a cooler world

Credit: Environmental Science and Ecotechnology (2023). DOI: 10.1016/j.ese.2023.100367

China, the world’s top rated metal producer, is at a crossroads owing to its iron and steel industry’s weighty CO2 emissions and air pollution contribution, spotlighting the urgent will need for greener techniques. This requirement stems from the industry’s effects on

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A 3D Printed Air Cooler Could Be an Environmentally Welcoming Alternative to Air Conditioning

In accordance to researchers all over the world, 2023 has been the most popular summertime in record. Understandably, this has drawn ever far more persons not only indoors but to air-conditioned locations to uncover reduction. Nevertheless, unfortunately, AC units is not the most environmentally welcoming. Not only do they customer

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