Nanoporous carbons based on coordinate organic polymers as an efficient and eco-friendly nano-sorbent for adsorption of phenol from wastewater

  • Chand Meena, M., Band, R. & Sharma, G. Phenol and its toxicity: A case report. Iran. J. Toxicol. 8, 1222–1224 (2015).

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  • Sharafinia, S. et al. Adsorption of phenol from both acidic and basic industrial waste via newly synthesized metal organic framework hybrid smart adsorbents. ACS Appl. Eng.

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    India Phone calls Atmosphere Index ‘Unscientific’ ‘Rankings Based mostly on General performance,’ Suggests Lead Creator

    Kochi: India ranked lowest – 180 – in the recently unveiled Environment Efficiency Index (EPI), 2022, which lists countries primarily based on many overall performance indicators, these types of as environmental wellness.

    The Ministry of Natural environment, Forest and Local weather Adjust (MoEFCC) turned down the country’s EPI rating on

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