XSitePro Ver 2 Review

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We put XSitePro to the test to see if it lives up to all the claims.  In case you haven’t heard XSitepro is a website building program that is claimed to be easy to use and comprehensive for the internet marketer.

What we found?

Comparing Xsite Pro to Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and several free builders, we found XSitePro Version 2 to be user friendly.So easy?  Well if you can operate a word processing program you can build a website with this software.

Easy To Use

The software is also layed out well, making it a smooth process when building a site.Builing your site is very easy with the built in WYSIWYG editor.You can also use the source tab in XSitePro to code by hand if you choose to. But we found the Design tab to be much easier.

Room To Grow

Unless you are a professional high end website designer you are not likely to outgrow XSitePro.With features like Search Engine Sitemaps, Site Search, Mobile Site Wizard, Siloing plus many more.

Simplifies Search Engine Optimization

Ok so you would like your webpage to rank for a few keywords but you don’t have a clue how to go about it.Another thing made simple with the Xsite Pro V2 software via the Page Analysis tab.This tab will give you a summary by web page with proposed changes to optimize your page.The Page Analysis tab goes into further details such as: Search Engine Optimization Summary, Readability Summary, Page Components Summary and more.

Got Help?

In addition to a comprehensive and user friendly software package, you also will receive a thorough and easy to understand user’s manual. The manual is a complete reference designed to assist a user in using all of the many features that are included in the software program.

There is also 10 easy tutorial lessons that come with the software.Going through the tutorials is the best thing you can do as a new user.Completing the tutorial can be done in a couple of hours and get you set to making your first website.

There is also a very active users forum where you can ask questions and get advise on your website.Be sure to stop by the XSitePro forum to ask questions and get quick help.

The makers of XSitePro, Intellimon, stand behind their product with service and support.We have found that the customer service and tech support to be quick and thorough.

Bottom Line

With the release of XSitePro version 2, Intellimon has raised the bar on website builders.SEO optimized websites are now in reach for any computer user.  Plus with the advanced features it’s not a program that you should be growing out of any time soon.


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