WordPress 2.7 : The Power Of Blogs

In this version, WordPress have completely updated the interface and added a lot of new functionality.  They have moved around many of the settings in to what could be considered a much more intuitive and easy to use interface.

The change in interface is something that may require some users to undertake some WordPress training in order to access all the many features of it.  However, most people will, with a bit of poking around quickly get to grips with the main features.  There will be the occasional moment where you wonder where a particular setting has been moved to, but usually you can find them easily.

The new dashboard is the first thing you see as you start enter WordPress administration.This gives you an overview of your blog stats, including posts and comments, from a single screen.  This allows you very quick access to various command areas of your blog.

The dashboard is a great improvement - the quick click functionality of it makes it easy for you to approve or delete comments, change your theme or even "Quick Press" - a quick way to publish a new post.

You can access all the features of WordPress through the navigation bar down the left hand side.

Perhaps my favourite feature of WordPress 2.7 is that you can upgrade plugins automatically from within the WordPress console.  There is no more need to download new versions, FTP them to your server and then activate them.  

All you do is click the install link and enter your FTP information.  This doesn't seem to work correctly on all webhosts though.  I think some of it depends upon the permissions that have been set.Most webhosts are fine, but there are a couple that struggle with this.

The one downside of this new version is that not all the WordPress plugins have been tested on it.You are warned about this when you try and install a new plugin, but it doesn't prevent the installation.

To be perfectly honest with you, almost all the plugins are going to work fine.  There will only be a few specialized plugins where you will encounter any issues.

WordPress 2.7 is a fantastic upgrade and well worth your time.It is extremely powerful, fully features and some well thought out enhancements.  You may need to invest in some WordPress tutorials in order to really get to grips with it, but you will soon love the power it puts at your finger tips.

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