Windows 7 set for release date

Well it seems as though Windows 7 is now due for its official release as Microsoft have just announced that it will not be releasing another BETA version of the operating system. Yet the company are yet to give an official release date for the software other than sometime in late 2009. The disclosure came in at the end of January update to the Engineering Windows 7 blog by Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s senior vice president for Windows software.
The new Windows operating system is set to be completely compatible with a range of wireless hardware such as a wireless keyboard and a numeric keyboard without having to install any software. Normally such accessories would require an installation disc.
The move means that Windows 7 will have had only one official beta before the full version ships, in contrast to recent versions of Microsoft products such as Windows Vista. This is because the company has taken a completely different approach to development with the new platform (Windows 7) according to the Vice President, Steven Sinofsky.
This operating system will be the seventh instalment in the Windows/Microsoft history and is set up to be the most successful piece of software yet. The compatibility and usability of the operating system is supposed to be very different to anything else that we have seen from Windows before. I hope it is more compatible than previous versions of Windows as I have always struggled with the software in general. I have always used Apple Mac software myself but I am interested to see what the new Windows 7 will have to offer. With a bit of luck it will be more user friendly and much more easy to navigate than its predecessors. Windows XP and Vista always seemed to never be finished and there were plenty of gaps and flaws in the programming that would reveal this but with a bit of luck the Windows development team have learnt from their mistakes and are prepared to release a unique and eye catching bit of kit.

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