Why Should You Play A Hunter In World Of Warcraft?

In the MMORPG called WoW, hunters are the most envied class.  This is because hunters encounter no hardships when leveling up and farming for gears and rep.  Hunters are gifted with a skill set that is unmatched when it comes to power and effectivity.  Just to illustrate: a firy or arms or even a protection warrior can never kill an elite mob of the same level, while a hunter can quickly dispose of an elite mob a level higher than his current ranking.

Hunters get the ability to acquire pets once they reach level ten.  They can get almost all of the wild animals found in the World of Warcraft: from wolves to boars to lions to hawks to dragonhawks to apes and others.  Pets level up as well.  Though pets can help with the damage output, their primary purpose is to tank for the bow, guns or crossbow attacks of the hunter.

Truly, rolling a hunter is much akin to playing 2 different kinds of toons at the same time.

And hunters are just as powerful as two players for the reasons so given.

A hunter just has to learn how to control his own damage.  His pet must always contain the agro of the monster.  With the growl command, his pet should encounter no problems controling the agroof enemies.  A hunter, however, must learn when to stop or slow down his ranged attacks to help his pet keep agro.

A hunter is also gifted with a several kinds of shots.  Arcane shot shoots magic-based damage.  Serpent sting inflicts poison to the enemy for some DOT (damage over time).  Viper sting distracts the target to miscalculate his attacks and miss.  And for marksmanship specced hunters, silencing shot is sure to frustrate spell casting players.

Hunters also provide several traps in their arsenal.  Immolation trap will cause the target to burn.  Frost trap will slow down their approach.  Freeze trap will imprison a target in a block of ice for about fifteen seconds, which is a fantastic CC (crowd control) for the hunter.

To top things off, hunters top damage charts as well.  Several times, hunters lead the way in DPS meters in 25 man raids.

Hunters are the best solo killing machines in the World of Warcraft, and no other class comes close. 

This is the reason why around 80% of WoW players actually have hunter alts. 

Hunters are way too powerful that they are a joy to play.

World of Warcraft is an absolutely massive video game, and quite frequently you can seem isolated when they begin. You will need a WoW hunter guide if you are aiming to increase your level from 0 to 80 in under a week. You can get a WoW hunter guide from www.wow-hunter-guide.net

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