What You Must Consider in Choosing Your Flight Simulator Game

So you’re looking for a great flight simulator game, but you’re not quite sure which aspects of the games should receive the bulk of your attention? Ultimately, different gamers will place varying degrees of importance on different features and elements of games, but I’ve broken down the key categories and tried to gauge their overall importance to the flight simulator game genre. You must assign a weight for each category.

Graphics – A flight simulator game with archaic graphics are what most of the genre feature. . You can tell if the graphic design is great or not because a great one transports you from the current to the virtual world of the game. Flight simulator games not feature Google Maps which shows images of landscapes with different levels of clarity which depends on the game size. The potential trade off for good graphics is that it may cause the game to experience bouts of slowdown as a result, so keep this in mind when judging flight simulators for their graphics.

Features – This can run the gamut from the inclusion of online play, to the number of options available, to the attention to detail found in the design of the airports, and much more. Admittedly, Flight Pro Sim offers just the best depth of features in its animation to be among the top games in the market. It features a staggering number of…well, features.

Physics – This category receives varying degrees of importance depending on the genre, but for flight simulators it’s absolutely vital. The goal is to incorporate real world physics into the game. If the physics engine simply isn’t up to snuff, the entire experience is rendered moot. No one game has perfected this category, and it could be that none ever will, but Flight Pro Sim probably has a slight edge in this category as well.

Other important categories can include how well the game controls, the sound design, which includes both music and sound effects, and the difficulty of the game, which is usually a by-product of many of the other categories above. Gamers can choose the easy games or the stiff ones.

While there’s no one flight simulator game that dominates all categories, the one that performs the best across all of them is undoubtedly Flight Pro Sim. The fact that Flight Pro Sim also continues to receive steady updates and improvements, while other games are mostly in final states, also lends itself well to the overall health of the game. In fact I’d venture to say it wins all but the graphics category hands down over the competition, but hey, that’s just my opinion. It is much better if you try the game out for yourself so that you can have your own conclusion about the game.

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