What To Know About How To Password Protect USB Drive Components

Eventually, knowing how to password protect USB drive components will become important for anybody who wants to carry his or her PC around but is concerned about maybe losing it or having others plug it into another computer and then access confidential files or other folders that are important. This risk can be avoided or eliminated by following a few simple steps password protect the USB drive.

In order to password protect a drive such as a USB it should be empty, first of all. After that, find any one of a dozen good quality encryption programs that are available — some for free — on the Internet and then download the program to the drive. On the download prompt click “select device” and choose your USB drive. After that, click “OK.”

Once you’ve done that, select “next” and you will be presented with various encryption or algorithm programs that you can select for use for that particular drive. You have a certain amount of space on the drive and once you highlight the space available, you will be directed to create a password. Remember, create one that you can remember but others will have a difficult time figuring out.

Upon completion of the above steps, you will be asked by the software to begin a random encryption at one point or another within a data point. Select “format” and then highlight drive parameters for the USB drive so that formatting can begin. Don’t forget to transfer any data that is on the drive at this point over to your PC’s hard drive if you don’t want to lose it.

Once all of that has been done, it’s a matter of using the software program you have found to engage in the password protection and clicking on “mount.” Once you have done that you’ll need to enter your password. After you’ve done the password entry, you will see that the device will be showing in MS Explorer. Just click “dismount” and remove the drive.

You will now have a fully password protected USB drive that is also encrypted, which will make it extremely difficult for others to access your data stored on the drive. Remember, no drive is ever completely hack-proof but you have made a good start toward preventing others from taking your drive and finding out anything on it anytime soon.

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