What Is Rogue Spyware?

Fake anti-spyware, a.k.a rogue anti-spyware, is software masquerading as valid anti-spyware. What do I mean by this? Both programs promise to expose and eliminate computer threats. The difference is a fake one is also the one making your PC ill. Like a mechanic that breaks your car then promises to fix it for a nice fee. But rogue-antispyware goes a step further making things worse for your PC not better, even though you gave them cash. Rogue Anti-Spyware is a scam!

How it Happens

Harmful programs are often purchased when unwary net surfers are faced with popups warning of infected or poor running PCs. Downloading and purchasing “abc” product will cure all your woes. All lies of course. (The popup windows are very blatant: flashing screen, difficult to close browser.)

Negative Effects 

These rogue anti-spyware programs will supposedly run tests on your PC and they always “find” something. Generally a large list of hazardous programs that need to be attended to immediately and conveniently enough they have just the product to do that – or so they say. Once installed rogue anti-spyware will integrate into your PC slowing all functions. Programs will lag, so slow to respond you wonder if you even clicked it right, and popup after popup will torment you. Sometimes PC performance gets so poor it freezes and may crash. Learn more about symptoms of Rogue Spyware here.

What to Do if Infected

To make sure rogue anti-spyware never makes it onto your computer here is some advice. To start, get a really good anti-spyware tool. Anti-Spyware is more effective than antivirus for stopping, detecting and removing these rogue situations. One that updates its risk definitions frequently will generally offer the best protection and removal.

Refrain from clicking on or purchasing any strange products without properly investigating them. Knowledge is power here. As well make sure you have the “do not allow popups” feature enabled on your web browser. Stop some of their power to get in your face. (You can allow pop-ups from certain sites by labeling them trusted.)

If your PC gets infected early action is of utmost importance. The more time the infection is on your computer the harder it can be to remove. As intelligently designed programs rogue anti-spyware enmeshes itself throughout your PC – affecting systems, disguising itself and hiding from detection. In the most severe cases the PC is completely consumed by the infection making it impossible to do anything. Even your desktop will be inaccessible. Then removal options will be limited and more specialized. Get more Rogue Spyware removal information at http://rogueadviser.com!

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