Warcraft: Zygor’s Guide Review

Leveling up to 80 in World of Warcraft is something that all players would like to be able to do faster, and Zygor’s Leveling Guide promises to get you there faster than any other guide. The guide combines fast leveling paths for both Horde and Alliance with an in-game guide to speed you through the levels. With the in-game leveling guide you don’t need to ALT+TAB out of the game to follow the guide anymore like you have to with some other guides. This really makes things go faster, and kind of feels like you have a pro power leveler coaching you.

One of the many slick features of Zygor’s Leveling Guide is that it adapts based on your character. Also impressive is that the guide is adept at determining what step you’re on if you installed in the middle of finishing a quest. You get shown where you’ll need to go and what you need to do to get there, including any items you may need to bring and who you will need to talk to in order to get there. When the guide tells you which quest to accept, it also indicates on your map where to go. It’s practically impossible to get lost since the guide puts a color coded directional arrow and coordinates on your screen for you to follow.

Whether you decide to go fast or take it slow, this guide will get you to level 80 as efficiently as possible. The guide prevents you from wasting time and effort by keeping you focused on quests that offer the biggest bang for the buck, and using traveling routes that have been tested to be the fastest.

Installing the in-game guide is simple. There’s a short video that walks you through getting the mod integrated with the game. Don’t sweat it, it’s really simple. There are also some nice extras – bonus guides, a user forum, and free lifetime updates. The Talent Build Guide is one of the bonus guides that shows you exactly which talents to take to speed up the leveling process. Also included is the Nether Drake Mount Guide for when you hit level 80, an Inscription Leveling Guide (Inscription is the Profession introduced in WotLK), and a Death Knight Class Guide.

No negatives really spring to mind for Zygor’s guide. Unlike a lot of guides, this one has an active community forum that actually responds and takes suggestions from users. Zygor’s Leveling Guide sets the new standard for leveling guides.

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