Using MP3 Renamers To Save Time And Money

Whether you are a professional DJ, a composer or just someone who has a deep love of music, you likely have a computer that is chock full of musical files. Most likely those files have come from all kinds of sources. The source of many of them may have been from CDs in your personal collection that was loaded into your computer. Others may have been downloaded by an online music program. Some of them may have been sent through an e-mail or downloaded individually from a website.


Before long the result is a computer chock full of mismatched music files. From information inside the files to the titles, nothing is matching. If you’re ready to make sense of all of this, you have two options. First you can spend a lot of time changing each file one at a time. The other way to go is using an MP3 renamer.


A lot of people are under the impression that changing filenames can go quickly. But it can take many hours to change the filename of hundred or thousands of files. Would you prefer to spend that time more wisely? Do you have business or personal things you’d rather be doing with this time?


By enlisting the help of an MP3 rename program, you’ll be able to make file changes quickly and easily and spend the rest of your time more wisely. It works like this:


Change Title

You want all of your titles to match can be logical whenever you look at them. You can change the title to a number of files at the same time with the use of a rename MP3 program. All of the files in a group can be quickly renamed and even sequentially numbered through the program.


Album and Artist Details

Maybe a lot of your musical files don’t have the names of the artists or album that they are from. But a renamer program will let you select all of the files from an artist or album and add that information quickly.


Text Find and Replace

Did you initially have a system for naming all of the files in your library? Did your music library initially start with a file naming system? But now you want to change part of it. The renamer program will allow you to completely change out words or phrases within the files.

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