Uses Of SharePoint 2010 – SharePoint Developer


Sharepoint has vast options that are available for a Sharepoint developer. Certain Sharepoint and developer tools required a windows server on a Sharepoint developer’s computer and hence it was a problem to perform activities away from the system. SharePoint 2010 can be installed at any client operating systems such as windows vista and windows 7. These may not be able to run efficiently on a client computer but it has helped Sharepoint developers in many ways.

Sharepoint developers will need to use visual studio 2010 and Sharepoint designer as the tools for Sharepoint 2010. Both visual studio and Sharepoint designer 2010 come with pre built templates and connections that help Sharepoint developers build solutions quickly and efficiently.

With the help of Sharepoint 2010 a Sharepoint developer will be able to define out of box capabilities in the form of the pie displayed. The sites will allow Sharepoint developers to store and retrieve lists and documents with tight integration of office client applications such as word, excel etc. It helps a Sharepoint developer manage content on a page, list etc. Sharepoint 2010 can help a Sharepoint developer search for content stored with Sharepoint itself or any other place such as the enterprise data, stores etc. Sharepoint developers can use insights which will help digest data in a meaningful form such as dashboards. A Sharepoint developer can extend solutions to any business category by providing solutions for the users with the help of composites which are available with Sharepoint 2010.

With the help of Sharepoint 2010 a Sharepoint developer can enhance his / her services. Sharepoint developers can put to use all the services that Sharepoint 2010 has to offer such as content management system, corporate search software and business intelligence tools for various business applications and hence meet the requirement of all clients in the industry. SharePoint developers are working hard to provide clients customised business solutions due to all the changes taking place in the software industry today.

SharePoint developers can save time and money with the introduction of SharePoint 2010.

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