Understanding Latest Adobe Photoshop and Elements Software Versions


Adobe is the world leader when it comes to Photo editing software even for beginners, but the advanced versions are also just as exciting for more advanced user levels. Once the decision of exactly which version you are going to buy is made, it doesn’t take long to conquer this rather complicated piece of photo editing software. The basic rules are that Adobe Elements is for beginners and Adobe Photoshop is better suited for more advanced users.

Step 2 is normally deciding which PS or PSE version will best be suited to your particular photo editing needs, but you would actually be surprised at just how similar each version is, although the latest edition has always got something new added. So remember the basic rule is Elements for new users and Photoshop for more experienced Photoshop editors

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is today’s latest version that Adobe have released and several novel editing tools have been introduced that will change photos into digital masterpieces. The Photoshop software is a lot more expensive than the Elements, so even a more advanced photo editor might find the new Photoshop Elements 7 is perfectly suitable, easier and a lot cheaper. The new functions include an excellent photo organizer and an extensive online component for Digital photo sharing as well as excellent online backup.

These 2 excellent functions are also included in CS4, but if you can’t spend that much at this time, just chose Elements 7.

First you have the capability of viewing thumbnails that will help with basic photo edits, and then we move onto the Editor that opens up the most important image editing functions. With the addition of you tools things may appear to be complicated but with the “Guided Fixes”, you will be able to follow recommended edits step by step. The “Quick Fix” tool has the capability of working out how to automatically edit the colors, sharpness and lighting by the use of the sliders found on Elements 7.

The Organizer is the easiest section to deal with on Adobe Elements 7, with tools like Auto Color and Auto Contrast. Your Photo editing results will take an upward turn once you find the “Auto Smart Fix” tool, which will allow you with just the click of a button to turn poor images into real masterpieces.

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