Thoughts on software selection criteria for legal firms

The use of tailored legal software has become wide spread across most sectors of the legal profession. This is because it has demonstrated that it can increase productivity, increase team work and finally reduce risk.

However, it is a very challenging undertaking choosing which is the right legal package.  Below you will find some aspects that you may want to consider as part of your decision process.

Start with considering whether an individual or integrated packages suit you best.  Finding the right legal software package can be harder than you might think?  Well you could start by asking “Which legal software vendor has a proven track record and can give you good advice”?Any software solution should be customizable to how you work, not the other way around?Can the vendor offer support to make sure it matches your specific environment?

Effective Legal Software
Listed below are some of the specific products offered by most of the leading vendors

Matter management for Corporate in-house legal departments automate time consuming document creation and search tasks and enables fee earners to focus on advising, policy implementation and tracking risk exposure.

Case management should as a minimum increase the productivity and release opportunities for your fee earners to grow your law firm’s revenue.These systems are also widely used by personal injury practices that provide standardized, intuitive working methods and enhance efficiency and management of risk.

Litigation software is a boon for  evidence management enabling an increase in accuracy through reducing duplicates, saves fee-earners time. It is particularly advantageous during the discovery process as well as enabling effective collaboration between legal teams, expert witnesses and most.

Compatibility between systems used to be a problem, however it is less so as standardization of documents has improved. All commercial packages offer import and export of the most common document types such as Microsoft Office and Open Document. All but the cheapest packages offer extremely encrypted file storage.

Don’t rush into any decisions and demand that the vendors to show you how their legal software meets with your detailed requirements and procedures.  The market-leading ones will be want to offer you an open test run and be willing to explain their road map and product warranties


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