The Vast Options In Free Security Downloads

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Until the last few years, people who wanted or needed to find free security downloads to help protect their computers from various threats found that they had very few options. Many times the free internet security software programs that were being offered came from software publishers that were new and had not built a reputation or they were even from anonymous programmers. This left the door open for introducing new online threats to a computer in the form of these downloads from unknown and unproven companies.

Because of this, people needed to spend a great deal of time researching their different options in downloadable internet security systems. The research often entailed reading reviews and pouring through forums that discussed the latest online threats and the software programs that were available to combat these threats. The biggest problem was that most people who were looking to protect their home computer systems quickly ran out of patience or were overwhelmed with the vast amounts of information, much of which often conflicted, making matters even worse.

The “Google Pack” was introduced by the search engine giant to address these issues and Google managed to pull together an assortment of 12 different computer programs that were offered to PC users completely free of charge. Of the dozen or so software programs in the “Google Pack,” two of them are internet security downloads, which can be very helpful in countering the ongoing internet threats and malicious security trends that are all to prevalent today.

The two internet safety programs that are now included in the Google Pack are two of the best downloads on the market for protecting personal computers from internet threats; the Spyware Doctor Starter Edition and the Norton Anti-virus software. These are both high quality products from well-known and trusted names in the internet security protection industry. The only thing that is missing from these free downloads from Google, which would make this a very complete and comprehensive solution, is a firewall.

It is somewhat of a mystery as to why Google chose not to include a firewall application with their Google Pack, but there seems to be a variety of possible reasons why. One factor is that in most cases, the broadband routers that are increasingly being used already include a good quality firewall built right into the hardware, making firewall software unnecessary. In addition, Microsoft began including a firewall application as part of Windows XP SP2.

However, it needs to be noted that the firewall that comes installed with Windows is not considered to be the best solution, as it does not have any monitoring function to oversee the outgoing traffic from a computer to the internet. One of the most highly recommended firewall applications is the Zonealarm Internet Security Software package, which is free and is robust enough for home computer systems.

In combination with the “Google Pack,” these tools provide PC users with quite a full and robust security suite which can help today’s users keep threats from the internet to a minimum. Since these software programs are completely free and are provided by some of the biggest and most reputable name in software publishing, people can make use of these security downloads with a great deal of confidence and peace of mind.

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