The Secret Of How To Make Computer Faster

Is your computer moving much more sluggishly than it usually does? Are your programs that used to run at lightning speeds now at the crawl of a sloth? Are you able to brew a cup of coffee and still get back to your PC before it’s finished it’s boot up sequence? Are you on the brink of ordering a new machine to get over all these problems? You are then probably looking for how to make computer faster! I will show you how!

How can I restore my computer into the great machine it use to be? Will it be like when I first got it and speed through the programs it use to?

The first thing you can do is to clear off anything on your computer you don’t need. Remove any old programs you don’t use anymore through your control panel (or otherwise, depending on your operating system). Also remove and temporary files you may have on your hard drive. If there is a folder full of old music you never listened to go ahead and toss it out! A mass of memory being wasted is one way to make your computer go much slower.

Step number two is to De-fragment your computer. What this will do is move all your files and slap them all together nice and neatly. Usually when you put something on your computer your computer just takes the files and dumps them somewhere for your use. This will make your computer run slower! Run a De-fragmentation wizard and get that computer of yours running faster!

You could also stop a lot of the programs that start on start up. These are the programs you see whenever you boot your computer and, for the most part, tend to annoy people. Figure out how to do it for your operating system and remove the ones that you don’t wish to stat up. Doing this will make your computer run much faster as it will no longer have to waste RAM running programs you never wanted anyways!

That is the gist of what you should do to turn your computer into a speed demon and make it run faster! I have told you how, and now its just matter of a few hours of time to make it the rest of the way!

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