The Importance Of Using Automated Data Backup Services

If you are one of the rare but lucky individuals who have yet experienced the panic and horror associated with finding out your computer died and took all your data with it, count yourself very lucky indeed! Using the law of averages, you will most likely experience this devastating loss at some point in your future, and it will – guaranteed – happen at the worst possible moment. Some computers are nice enough to give you some warning signs that death is imminent. Others aren’t quite as informative about their impending demise. So, before this happens to you – and it will! – sign up for an automated data backup service.

Humans tend to ignore danger until it’s too late. We have an inherent belief system that “it won’t happen to us”. Whether we refuse to believe our home can be robbed or we think our car will never be stolen, we wait until it’s actually happened before we install security measures to make certain it won’t happen again.

Usually it’s not a matter of cost. It’s simply a matter of procrastination mixed with a belief in our own infallibility. “Never happened before; won’t happen now.” Right. And when it finally does, remorse, panic and anger set in. We then realize that with the next computer, we will find a way to back up our data no matter what.

Some people at least have an external hard drive, but if these hard drives aren’t used, they don’t serve any purpose at all. Too many computer users get home from their local tech store, install the external hard drive, feel safe and secure, and then WAM – their computer has more problems!

So, the next time your computer has a “fatal error”, you once again realize you haven’t backed up anything for maybe two weeks, and once again, you have lost the presentation you worked on for the past ten days.

Before this happens to you, check out some of the wonderful automated backup services online. Once you sign up your backups are automatic from then on. You don’t have any excuse! And you don’t need one. Every time a document is changed, it gets backed up automatically.

The prices are super low, the service is effective, your data is secure, and most companies will give you a free trial.

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