The Accuracy of Flight Pro Sim’s Airport

Technology is great isn’t it? A flight simulator game doesn’t always have to be based around in an imaginary airport.

It is rather an important feature of the flight simulator gaming niche yet most developers rarely take the importance of real life airports into account. Nowadays gaming companies pull their resources together and value research and development to make flight simulator games as true to life as possible.

Realistic flight simulators are more and more in demand today because of their importance in pilot and flight crew trainings.

When you have played many flight simulator games already, you will realize that the airports are becoming more and more the same in appearance.

Airports which are supposedly on other sides of the world have not much difference on it. The release of Flight Pro Sim has actually changed the flight simulator airport and now all the other flight simulator games that use fake airports will have to do something to keep up with Flight Pro Sim. It is amazing to be able to play a flight simulator game and feel as if you are actually flying a real plane and landing in a real airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority says that there are more than 20,000 airports worldwide – this is not surprising, the thing that is surprising however is that Flight Pro Sim includes these 20,000 or so airports in its flight simulation game. At first you may not believe the realism of this game, but it really is. Think of any airport in the world even an airport in a small town because it will be there.

To coach a trainee pilot in properly flying a plane and dealing with emergency procedures are some of the benefits that a flight simulator game offers.

If you are one of these people that use flight simulator games as a teaching method then you are much better off practicing on a flight simulator that uses real world airports. We are shocked at the detail that has gone into this game; these little things actually add credibility to the Flight Pro Sim brand and gives reason for people to purchase this game over the many others in the market.

Flight simulator airports are usually the ones which are left behind when it comes to emphasis on the design compared to what can be found on the plane itself and to its cockpit controls.

The developers of Flight Pro Sim have gone the right way about it by focusing on all elements – the planes, the controls, the airports, the runways and everything else in between.

A real life flight simulator must be accurate in all its parts, which of course include its airport.

The game is accurate because of its alignment with NASA and the US Defense Mapping Agency. Not only that, but the game makes use of Google Maps as well. If you were a pilot flying your aircraft into an airport you will actually be able to see the other planes on the radar you can do just this with Flight Pro Sim as well.

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