The 4 Varieties of Video Editing Software

Separated by both price and features the video editing software field has at the moment settled into a four leveled layout. In making a decision on which video editing software you should choose it is beneficial to haveĀ  an understanding of what every level offers. Often the software manufacturer will try to tell you what you require but if you recognize your own needs you can center your choice on those.

If you are reading video editing software reviews be certain to know the real target market of the program you are reading about. Moreover make sure the person writing the review is keeping this in mind. This also assists you to more accurately weigh up the reviewers judgment and opinions. Regularly even the best video editing software gets a poor score from expert editors evaluating the product. This regularly results in a program looking deficient because it is being asked to carry out actions that it was at no time designed to do.

In the past, movie editing programs generally fell into two divisions. Either they were home user level video editors or they were pro video editors. At the home user level we had programs such as Ulead VideoStudio and at the other end programs such Avid for wholly specialist use.

As the market developed this evolved into three classes with many of the video editing software developers releasing advanced {home user} video editing software products. These software products were dubbed “prosumer” because they fell in between the home user level and the fully pro level. Sony Vegas Pro and Ulead MediaStudio were a couple of these.

Presently the market has moved again with an even bigger range of video editing software on offer to suit all requirements. A new type of extremely easy to use straightforward movie making software has recently been introduced and for many people these new products may be exactly what they were on the lookout for.

Examples of these recent programs are Magix Video Easy and Corel Digital Studio. Each of these programs present fairly minimal video editing, picture editing and audio production. They are wizard based programs which means that you keep to simple directions regarding in what way you want your creation to appear. Lastly they use additional easy steps and wizards to guide you painlessly to the finished output whether it be to DVD, Blu-ray or straight uploading to YouTube.

Such software suites are perfect for the person who is not technologically minded or merely not that keen on the production facet. It is purely a matter of pointing and clicking as you are directed all through the process.

Next we have the established home user level video editing software such as CyberLink PowerDirector or Magix Movie Edit Pro. These products have improved greatly ever since they were first introduced into the consumer video editing market. Currently they tend to seem more like the prosumer software of the past.

Here there is a superior level of control provided to the user and each step of the video creation procedure can be adapted extremely precisely to the editor’s wishes. There are numerous special effects made available and the audio, titling and output choices get wider.

After that we find the prosumer echelon software such as Magix Video X Pro. At this point we begin to see the initial stages of the sorts of features and control that the experts use. They present a greater number of tracks on the timeline regardless of if they are for video, sound, narration, subtitles, titles or whatever!

You begin to notice very superior features like moving paths meaning things can not only be overlayed but can be made to be in motion with the action as well. They obviously, have all the functionality of the video editing software beneath them nevertheless all of this carries a cost.

The truth is there are two prices to pay. The first is basically what you pay. The second price presents itself in the form of a greater learning curve on your way to mastering the complete functionality of the program. Nonetheless the advantage of these programs in the long run is that unless you want to become a professional video editor there is no need to think about upgrading and the cost involved in doing that.

Finally we arrive at the professional level of video editing software. Candidly speaking if you are checking out this then there is no requirement for you or I to use up too much time on this point! They are frighteningly intimidating in their complexity and at the same time astounding in what they can achieve. Not for the faint hearted and not for the novice by a long shot.

In deciding upon video editing software be certain to keep in mind your actual requirements and goals for the program. Don’t be tricked by the cool features you might possibly not require. Read the reviews and take into account which market it is intended for and at all times take advantage of the free trials.

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