The 4 Best Ways To Save WoW Gold

1.    Take up 2 gathering profs.  One should be mining, and the second can either be skinning or herbalism.  Mining is specifically profitable.  Twenty pieces copper bars go for 4 golds in servers with vibrant economies.  One would wonder about the selling price of higher ranked metals like iron bars, mithril bars, thorium bars, felsteel, and adamantite bars!  Skinning is likewise a lucrative profession.  Avoid selling your leathers per group of 20 items, however.  Sell them individually, or in sets of five, to procure the highest bid for their acquisition.

2.    Play the AH game.  In the field of “buy and sell,” you’re expected to purchase goods when selling prices are low, and offer them up for sale when prices are high.  Using the auction house is a micro-level application of the buy and sell system.  If a couple of items are being offered for absurdly low costs, purchase them as soon as possible!  Hidethem in your Aldor or Scryer bank account.  When their costs increase, offer them once more.  Many of the richest players in the World of Warcraft practice this tactic.

3.    Roll a DPS-type alternative character.  Make him reach seventy.  Then utilize him to grind for valuable mats and occasional blues and purples.  Let’s face it, if you’re a tank or a healer, it will be highly onerous to farm for 10 motes of air in SMV or the elemental plateau in Nagrand.  If you have a DPS-type alt, like a mage for example, grinding will be so much more convenient – and quicker – and you will be selling the converted primal air at the AH in no time.  Drop the idea of grinding as a healer or as a tank during those times prior to a raid.  Instead, roll a damage dealing alt and bring him up to the the highest cap and utilize him to farm for commodities you can sell for profit.

4.    Restrain yourself from spending.  This MMORPG is cleverly and meticulously designed so that every little component of the game will rise with the player’s progress.  You’re supposed to buy a mount at level 30 (formerly, it used to be level 40 prior to the most recent patch) because in the usual course of the game, you should have sufficient mone for a mount by that level.  How come most players find it almost impossible to come up with mount money?  answer is} because they spend their cash on gear upgrades.  At low levels, gears aren’t as important as, for example, at end game.  Spending your cash on rare or purple gears would not be prudent, because soon enough – and quickly as well – you will level faster than those gears and you would’ve simply burned your riches on the same.  Avoid being a spendthrift, as such is the biggest money sink in the game.

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