Techniqes Of Speed Read

Speed reading is an incredibly useful skill to pick up. It can save a person a great deal of time. Speed reading is not just for folks who are in school or who want to read novels but it can help people perform more efficiently in the workplace or even help with day to day things like reading the newspaper, magazines, and even things like recipes and office memos. Instead of breaking the banking paying for classes or expensive how to books, you can learn how to speed read for free, right from the comforts of your home. The above mentioned tips are surely very helpful in learning how to speed read in very little time.

Know What You Got When You Learn How To Speed Read

If you want to learn how to speed read, you first need to know your starting rate and the quality of your eyes. This will help you when it comes time to track or measure your progress. Thus, it is important to check what your reading time is before you start training. Time yourself once a day for a week so that you can find your average reading time. Additionally, make sure to have your vision tested if you are serious about wanting to learn how to speed read. If you need glasses, wear them. The best way to learn how to speed read is to make sure you know what you are working with and that you have all necessary tools.

Start with what You Know

When it comes time to learn how to speed read, it helps if you choose a block of text that you are already familiar with. Thus, it is best if you use a book, magazine article, or piece of writing you have not only read before but remember. This method is really great when it comes to train your brain to pick up or read meaning as quickly as possible.

Focus on What’s Important

No matter what you’re reading, there are words that are important and those that can be missed. If you want to learn how to speed read, it’s important to skip past filler words like conjunctions. To do this, try glancing at blocks of text and try to identify the important or major words. Another way to go this is to use a highlighter to mark important words so that when you practice speed reading, your brain learns to look only for what is important. This will shave down valuable seconds from your reading time.

Pare Down Redundancy

One of the main inhibitor to reading quickly is that people read out loud. This can add valuable seconds to one’s reading time. Thus, it is important to keep yourself from reading aloud or from even mouthing the words. To do this, try humming, singing, or even counting while you read. This will make you keep going with your job and make sure that you learn how to speed read.

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