Star Backgrounds – An Introduction

Computer configurations often include star backgrounds for screen savers and desktops, but the downloadable versions are commonly found more rewarding in terms of quality and design. There are endless variants of star background from colorful to very simple and they represent a nice and relaxing alternative to a personalized computer screen. Since more and more people work on the computer today, the idea to re-create screen design keeps coming over and over again. If your computer belongs to a corporation, and according to internal regulations you cannot add personal photos on the desktop, star backgrounds are just one of the many neutral choices.

Why are simple star backgrounds better than animated variants for instance? The shape of a star is considered more relaxing and discreet, allowing for good concentration; the smaller and natural the stars, the better the effect. When referring to star backgrounds, we need to keep in mind the fact they don’t have to be artificially created, they could very well be a picture of the starry night sky, or images of constellations captured through a telescope. Certain sites that have the download option for star backgrounds often give access codes in case they demand a minimum fee for using their materials, though this is not a must-follow condition.

Star backgrounds are very much to the liking of people with an organized mind, since random order of the sky map picture could become an extension of personal creativity. Therefore, some people greatly insist to define and make the choices for ‘my space’ as carefully as possible. In case the Internet wallpapers are not to your liking, design your own star backgrounds from quality photos of the night sky. Remember to take the size of the image and its resolution into account for a neat looking application.

Try not to use animated star backgrounds since they are known to distract attention and to have a negative impact on the psyche. Too vivid color choices do stimulate the imagination, but on the other hand they could also increase stress to bothersome levels. So as to make sure that your space is configured properly, watch several star backgrounds for a few minutes and see which you feel most comfortable and relaxed with. The idea is not to get something that strikes the eye, but rather to concentrate on the idea that the background should remain the background, not the focal point.

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