Spyzooka Is A Helping Hand!

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    Spyzooka is one of the best spyware software I have found in a long time. This software has a great feel and it gives you all the necessary tools that you need in order to keep your computer free from spyware. There are plenty of pros and a few cons attached to this software. The great thing about spyzooka is that it ensures complete safety by scanning over 100 million web pages daily.    

    When you have Spyzooka on your PC, you do not need to worry about the urgent situations. It acts at its own and you do not even need to look at your screen. It takes advantage of advanced threat blocking system and blocks the threats before they attack your PC. For this purpose, it keeps updating its libraries round the clock.   

    What I found different from other spyware removal tools was the feature to quickly setup the advanced settings. It gives you advance features and lets you set them either manually or by auto tuning. So if you are a professional, you can adjust the advance setting by yourself and tweak them, but if you are a novice or an ordinary user, as am I, you can let the software do these settings for you. This has helped me a lot and I feel less ashamed about my computer illiteracy.    

    The greatest disadvantage of Spyzooka is the support for operating systems. It is made to run on Microsoft Windows and that’s it. It does not support other operating systems at the moment and this shows that it is still not fully developed software.   

    Though it is a wonderful spyware removal tool, it lakes a very handy feature. It does not ask you for any verification before removing any files from your PC. Sometimes this can create a bit of havoc.    

    If there is a program in your computer that requires its ad engine to run, as most of the sharewares do, Spyzooka can treat it as an adware sometimes resulting in its removal from your PC without asking you. Only if this feature was improved a bit, I would have rated Spyzooka above all other spyware removal tools.    

    It has a great auto updating feature which permanently updates the program for it to be always the most effective to use. So I can recommend it for anyone who wants a great protection for their computers.   

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