Spyware Prevention? Adopt These Three Habits!

Protecting personal information from spyware requires above all a change of behaviour from the user’s perspective. This article describes three simple, yet powerful habits which computer users should develop to safeguard their personal information from spyware threats.


Adware Vs Spyware – The definition of adware is simply that of any type of software package that automatically plays, displays or download advertisements on your computer. Privacy invasive software are commonly referred to as spyware, they are designed to capture and share information from users, whithout their prior knowledge or consent. Everyone should know how to block spyware in order to prevent the theft of personal information. Click on how to remove adware for more information. 

Habit No 1 – Avoid Freeware. It is a fact that free content (song, movies, document etc) is appealing to almost everyone. In the long run however, you may end up with more problems than anticipated with freeware and peer to peer software. Unbeknown to many users, downloading software such as these, may also install adware on their computer.

Prudence always work to the users advantage in the long run and with this in mind, users should only download freeware from trusted sources only. 

Habit No 2 – Ignore Pop Ups. Like most users, you may have accidentally clicked on popup ads from unreputable sites and jeopardized the security and your computer. The good news is that there are several popup blocker software out there, which can be downloaded free of charge from trusted sites, for example the MSN and Google toolbars can help keep popup at bay whilst browsing. The main disadvantahe of these software which cost nothing, is that they do not solve the problem of the spyware which are likely to have been installed on your computer, therefore creating a false sense of security. Click on block spyware for more information. 

Habit No 3 – Be sure of what you install –You may be wondering also how you even exposed your computer to spyware threats in the first place. However surprising this may seem, even routine tasks can increases the risk of intrusion in your computer. A common scenario is that you may be on line and a dialogue box appears unexpectedly asking you to download a program. You may be enclined to accept any download provided that they are free and unkowingly install spyware and adware on you computer. It is a sad fact of the internet today that some programs or files cannot be downloaded unless spyware end up on your hard disk as well. We hope that in the furture you will follow our advice and download software from trusted sources only. Unless the purpose of any software is made clear, users should not download them. Be particularly cautious when you are visiting unfamiliar sites and are instructed to download something.

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