Smartphones are Changing the Way Organizations are Managed

Paradigm Shift in Worforce Mobility and Management

The development of workforce mobility in concert with economic pressures call for new techniques to improve productivity, monitor employees and supervise information more effectively.   Mobile devices are altering the approach companies are managed.  Established methods may no longer be sufficient; and managing an operation that incorporates a mobile workforce effectively and efficiently calls for  a mixture of policy and fresh  technology.

Each problem that applies to Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance that customarily has been applied to personal computers, now applies to smartphones.  Smartphones, the cell phones with features and functions like a computer, are both important productivity tools and a source of noteworthy  risk and liability. Achieving compliance with laptop computers for security and use policy has been complex.  Now smartphones that fit in a pants pocket have more computing power than the original NASA Space Shuttle onboard computers. Organizational due diligence necessitates   more concentration placed on smartphones.

The very significant topics of electronic information and communications management are not just limited to business best practices. Information is a company’s most valuable, and at risk, asset. Compliance regulations in company with risk and liability for nonfeasance and employer negligence should not beignored, and are potentially very expensive. These relevant concerns apply in a similar way to all organizations – small, medium and large business, non-profits and government agencies.

Complete management of operational efficiency; governance, risk and compliance (GRC); records and information management (RIM); and electronic discovery (E-Discovery) is linked to mobile device management. Specifically, the Monitoring, Capture, Archive, Search and Reporting of communications content and data.   Organizations looking to address these concerns should look into a very powerful software program that assists employers monitor BlackBerry and Android cell phones and collect  mobile communications data including GPS location, SMS text messages, MMS messages and phone activity logs;
Parental Monitoring, Employee Monitoring and Information Backup software from PhoneBeagle for BlackBerry and Android .  Additional information can be found at the Phone Beagle mobile monitoring blog .

Applying processes to deal with these concerns  could have the promise of instantaneous and substantial benefit on organizational performance, compliance and risk.  Only just recently implementing tecnology solutions in a timely manner, easily, affordably, and for cross-platform phone operating systems has not been achievable.

Mobile device monitoring software programs are altering the manner companies meet information management compliance (IMC).

As the tremendous intensification  of the use of smartphones changes how companies operate, what hasn’t evolved nearly as quickly is the system of checks, balances, and management tools needed for accountability, productivity and security that are the cornerstones of winning management stratagem.

A smartphone is mobile phone with features and functions like a computer or others might refer to them as a small computer with the features and functions of a cell phone.    But smartphones are much more than just the union of cellular phone and personal digital assistant (PDA).  

A significant impact from smartphones is their web connectivity.  They not only can make a phone call, but they can access the internet using wi-fi or other data network such as 3-G.  Wifi commonly  is taken by most to mean any electronic items that function over a Wi-Fi network, technically but seldom referred to as a WLAN.  In mobile internet connection terms, the most common usage is when referring to Wi-Fi hotspots:  public areas that offer internet connectivity either free or for a fee.  The term Wi-Fi is often used synonymously for IEEE 802.11 technology.   What is 3G broadband? It is referred to as 3G because it is the ‘third generation’ of mobile technology.  Leading European and American internet service providers have 3G available for mobile users.

Almost 3 million smartphones are sold every month in North America, 12 million a month worldwide. There was a an incredible 12.7% jump in sales the first 3 months of 2009.  They are outselling notebooks. The widespread reliance upon mobile phones means these very relevant concerns will not diminish anytime soon.

An extremely interesting software program that assists parents and employers monitor mobile phones and archive their mobile communications data including GPS location, SMS text messages, MMS messages and phone activity logs is Phone Beagle. 
Mobile Monitoring software for BlackBerrys and Androids from Phone Beagle..

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