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Your trusty old password isn’t enough anymore. Some sites will ask you for variety in your password. Some require the number of characters to exceed five.

Others demand a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, while still others ask for a combination of numbers, lower, and upper case letters. And the most paranoid, obnoxious sites require not only a mix of all these elements, but have the nerve to throw in an extra security question or two.

Of course, some very organized and clever password-creators have their own little tricks to help them keep track of all their passwords. One is to place your trusty old password, plus a number or two, in the middle of two letters–the first and last letter in the website name. I’ve heard of other tricks too, long forgotten by now. Much like I’ve forgotten the account passwords to so many subscriptions and sites I once visited.

I know I’m not the only one. That’s why universal login is such a good idea.

Ease of use and accessibility are important aspects of a learning management system when large numbers of learners are depending on it for their training or other material.

Coggno’s LMS has recently updated their system, with its integration of RPX, to reflect this need. Accessing your LMS material is now simpler than ever.

Coggno no longer asks users to create a separate Coggno account–although of course they can if they’d like to–but instead provides a variety of login options from preexisting accounts from other sites. Through Coggno’s RPX app, learners and administrators can now sign in using their identities from sites like Yahoo!, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, AOL, WordPress, and Google.

Universal login applications such as RPX are the solution to the frustration of forgotten passwords and signing up or in using a million separate identities.

RPX lets users skip the ordeal of creating an account and remembering passwords, and allows them to get right to the good part–accessing, learning, creating, and distributing great content.

Easy to use, robust and reasonably priced. Simple user interface, potent and cost-effective. User-friendly, powerful and affordable.

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