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These days, you might find yourself suddenly without a standard password that works for every site. Some sites will ask you for variety in your password. Some require the number of characters to exceed five.

Others want a mix of upper and lower-case letters, while still others will accept nothing less than a complicated mix of big and small letters plus numbers. And the most paranoid, obnoxious sites require not only a mix of all these elements, but have the nerve to throw in an extra security question or two.

Some super efficient and wise folks have figured out tricks for password creation. One is to take the first and last letters of the website’s name, and set your faithful old password in the middle along with a number or two. There are other tricks I’ve heard of, but I’ve forgotten them. Much like I’ve forgotten the passwords to far too many accounts I’ve created online.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Which is why universal login being integrated into learning management systems and other educational platforms should be a must in today’s fast-paced world.

For organizations distributing e-learning content to large groups of students via learning management system, accessibility and ease of use are important.

Coggno’s newly added RPX feature, which provides universal login to all learners, helps solve the problem of lost passwords for your LMS. Accessing training or other educational material is now simpler than ever.

Coggno now provides learners with the option of signing in from a wide variety of possible accounts. Users can now sign into Coggno and gain access to content using identities from major sites including Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, MySpace, AOL, and WordPress.

The problem of forgetting passwords and having to create different accounts for different sites can be solved with applications like RPX.

RPX allows users to skip the annoying part and get to the good part–accessing, learning from, creating, and delivering feature-rich learning content.

Create and distribute engaging learning experiences with Coggno’s Learning Management System (LMS) Online.

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