Simple Ways to make Rap Beats

When some rappers discover they have no persistence or talent, they quit their rapping pursuits early. But having both persistence and talent will go a long way in helping them succeed. You only have to look at most of the rappers around today; they mostly originated from the ghettos but didn’t let this stand in their way of success. Having a good outlook toward your rapping will help you succeed in the smallest amount of time. Persistence, consistency and the will to succeed are all the ingredients you need.

It is very important to be aware of these three main sounds before making your first rap instrumentals. These are the hi hat sound, the drum kick sound and the snare drum sound. All drum kick sounds are forceful and bold and can be enhanced with vibrations. These are known as B sounds. Snare sounds are made up of the PSH sounds, while hi hat is the TS sound.

When trying to practise, using these sounds in a series is the best way to go. The best sequence to start with is the B, TS, PSH and TS sequence. Because practise makes perfect, keep at it until the sounds are ingrained into your mind. Only when you have become proficient with this sequence should you try other combinations. Eventually you will be proficient enough to make your own rap beats. Notice: Check this website: download hip hop beats to get more info on making beats

As long as you remember that the rhythm is the most important thing you can master, you will be well on your way. And once this has been mastered, trying to compose a song will be simple. You will obviously make mistakes along the way, but don’t worry too much. If you practise enough, you will get where you want to go. To sum up I would like to say that beat making is not an easy task.

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