Repair your registry with a registry cleaner optimizer before its too late

The Windows registry contains all the vital operating system information and many other essential files.  However, this was not always the case.Configuation settings with system INI files where kept in remote folders in different places throughout the hard drive in older versions of Windows.Older systems like this was very intimidating when trying to keep track and repair.  Therefore, Windows created the registry to solve this problem and allow all the critical information about the system to go to the registry.

Of course centralizing the most critical data has its own problems so there is a trade off.  The registry allowed the computer to find relationships between files, programs, and hardware.This creates a problem in that the operating system is made vunerable.The Windows registry contains all the configuration files of the operating system and hardware on your computer.Windows could be totally destroyed if it is damaged.

What causes windows registry problems

Some of the reasons why problems in the registry occur are listed below:

Uninstalling Programs and Deleting Files – The operating systems registry may contain many outdated files.Deleted files and programs by there nature leave unwanted keys in the registry even after they are removed.  Windows will often erroneously refer to these entries; only to find that they are invalid, which wastes a great deal of time and computer resources, as well as slowing the computer down.

Tracking Programs– These programs will, more often than not, install themselves through internet web pages.  They will embed themselves within the registry under various program names and in multiple folders.  You will have to remove each and every registry key that associates itself with this program.  Needless to say, this will take a long time and is quite a frustrating task.   It may also manifest itself hours later, wreaking havoc on the registry.

Viruses– unfortunate incidences of a virus present in the registry could be catastrophic to your computer.The state of the keys in your registry can be changed, damaged or even destroyed by a virus.Editing the registry manually may be attempted but it will probably not solve your problems.  If something goes wrong during the clean up, it could result in having to reinstall the registry, or even the entire Operating system!  If either of these situations occurs, there will be a loss of information that is devastating to your computer.

Problems that occur within the registry

The Windows registry is both delicate and fragile as you can see.  Many errors are caused by way of incorrect application IDs, broken shortcuts or links, obsolete Start Menu items, and drivers and files that are unused or unnecessary.

How would you know when you have a problem in the registry?Warning signs of a faulty registry are listed here.  If you experience any of them, it may be a registry problem.

  • Significant slowing down of the operating system occurs.
  • When doing mundane tasks you suddenly have unknown error messages.
  • You will probably have lots of DLL errors and not know the reason why.
  • Crashes of your operating system happen often.
  • For some unknown reason, your computer will not start up.

How to fix Registry Problems

Obvious ways to reducing windows registry errors include:.First when you uninstall a program use the uninstall facility in the control panel and second make sure you have a good anti-virus software installed.  Of course, this will not completely remove these problems.There will still be some registry errors remaining even after a thorough clean of the system.These files can be removed manually by an expert but even they find the task to be very difficult if not almost impossible and it is not a task for the layman.

Why you should use a registry optimizer cleaner

In order to scan the entire system and registry, a registry optimizer cleaner can be used.They can deal with almost all registry problems.

With no room for human error newer registry optimizer cleaners can automatically find and repair computer pats and files and repair them through there additional options.Your computer is restored to its optimal performance with the removal of all the invalid or obsolete registry files.

  • Some of the many things a registry repair tool can do for you are:
  • Fix system errors
  • Delete old settings
  • Repairing uninstall errors
  • Deleting invalid entries
  • Repairing invalid shortcuts
  • Updating missing links
  • Fixing font problems

A majority of the registry cleaners offer the option of customizing the software to run as often as you like. Depending on the extent of computer usage as well as the frequency and level of trouble encountered, it may be essential to run the registry cleaner software more regularly, at least until the system’s efficiency has been restored and it starts running at optimal performance again.

Most Windows registry cleaner tools allow you to set a schedule for running the software.  This is because it is sometimes necessary to run the cleaner more often if the frequency of problems is high.Frequent running of the program can return your computer to optimal performance.

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