Remove Smitfraud Now! While You Still Can

Smitfraud as you most likely already know is a virus.What you most likely do not know is what this thing does.  There are many different variations of this virus but most of them do two things.  The first is change your desktop background around and make it so you can not change it back.  The second highjacks your home page and constantly re-directs you to other sites.  For full removal instructions head over to this dedicated Smitfraud Removal site.

While many current anti-virus and anti-spyware programs detect Smitfraud most can not fully remove this strain.  It ha traces in the registry and several other hard to edit places.  If you miss one trace chances are you will get infected again.  That is why this is so hard to remove.

There are people out there who specialize in just virus and spyware removal.  The cost will vary with who you choose but if you have your computer repaired online it will cut that cost in half.  Places like this Computer Repair shop do a great job and for much less then you think. They remote into your computer using screen sharing software and you can watch them work.  It’s just like having a personal tech onsite but without the high cost.It’s the easiest way to remove Smitfraud.

Smitfraud can be fully remove using several free programs on the internet.  The problem is do you have the 7 to 16 hours to spend using free software to remove this?  The other downside in using free software is it won’t protect your computer from getting infected again.  Free clients do not offer upfront protection.  It’s only after you have been infected that they start to kicking and by that time it is often too late.  Don’t be cheap and fall prey to another virus.  Consider paying the 40 or so dollars a year and protect your computer so you do not have to deal with this issue again.

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