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Registry Mechanic is an interesting package in that it does not just clean your registry. This software has the ability to manage the windows services that run on your computer. This registry cleaner software actually knows how to grasp essential from non-essential services. Therefore, preferences upon services can be changed based on the findings. This results in more effectual execution of your programs.

New Plug-in architecture – Registry Mechanic 8.0 offering has been re-designed to have a new plug-in framework which means that additional features and tool s can be easily incorporated into Registry Mechanic.

New User Interface – clean & clear design for simple navigation – The interface in Registry Mechanic 8.0 has been re-designed to render a clean, clear structure along with easy access to a selection of the most commonly used Windows elements and Registry Mechanic’s powerful elements and tools. The new interface takes advantage of its latest plug-in technology, that authorizes for components and tools to be logically categorized and refreshed for easy accessibility. Furthermore, new elements can be easily downloaded as soon as they are available via Smart Update.

Tune-up your services – improve system performance by tweaking the Microsoft Windows services, the service tuner feature has the ability to improve the performance of your system and furnish better start-up times. This feature modifies the preference of non-essential Windows services which can result in fewer system resources being consumed to help your software run more effectually.

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Windows Management tools – Registry Mechanic 8.0 has incorporated a range of some of the most useful and popular Windows management tools in an easily accessible format. You can now access several useful Windows management components in one place at one time to take control of configuring your system simply and quickly. The Windows management tools are grouped into three categories – Computer, Security and System, each with their own group of related tools.

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