Registry Cleaner Programs – Tune Up Your Windows

Registry Cleaner Optimizer will defrag your windows registry for faster loading and searching. I tried few of them and can’t even tell the difference before and after optimization. I think this kind of tools does not work on newer windows, Microsoft already optimized the registry for loading and searching, reorganizing does not help a bit.

When Registry Repair Programs cure your computer from crashes and strange behavior, most probably you already backup a healthy windows registry before it crashes. Registry Repair programs will not actually repair your registry, it just scan, remove and backup your windows registry, that’s why they are called registry cleaner programs.

I admit the early day registry cleaner programs comes with some kind of registry repair ability. However, since Windows 98 SP2, there is no need to repair when the system is reasonably stable, if some how corrupted, the only way to recover is through backup registry!

The best registry cleaner will be automatic perform schedule maintenance with minimum or no human intervention, at the same time detects most errors and safely removes them without any problems. 2 of the most recommended registry cleaner programs are Regcure and Registry Easy, proven to work for me continuously 24 months without any failure.

When choosing a registry cleaner optimizer or registry repair programs, you should forget about the optimizer and repair capabilities, because they are not needed! Just focusing on finding a proper registry software that can perform to scan, cleaning and backup effectively, some registry tuning tools will be preferred.

Another type of registry cleaner optimizer does not reorganize the registry, but rather tune the system settings to increase the system performance, this type of optimizer should be categorized as the system tuning tool than registry cleaner programs.

If you are on Windows XP, you might want to check out this, Windows XP Registry Repair, or Reg Clean Tool for other Windows, you need at least one registry cleaner to help you maintain your computer performance.

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