Quick Tips on Backing Up Your Data

Since forever people thought the big M should have a better backup solution.  Well with Vista they did include a rather good built in backup tool but there is a catch.In order to of gotten this advanced backup software you would of need either the Ultimate edition or the business edition.  Most people have the basic home version or the premium version.  While there is a backup version in there it does not do full image backups and half the time it does not even seem to always run the regular file back that you set.  A great article we found was on this Vista Backup Utility site.  They provide links directly to Microsoft on how to use the free built in version as well as two other methods you will find interesting.

Most peope only think to have an onsite backup solution.  What is wrong with this you ask?   Think water, fire and theft.Fire can cause severe damage to not just a home but everything inside the home as well.  While fires are rare they do happen.  I my self had my own home burn down as a younger child.  I just bought 10 NEW Nintendo games that I saved for months to buy.  I never got to play even one of those games.  My hamsters died to.

Ok I’m done with the rant.  You get the point.  So how exactly are you supposed to have off site backups.As you would of guessed we have an answer for you and you are going to like it.  The program is under 5 bucks a month and allows you unlimited backup space online.  It auto sinks your data and you don’t have to do a thing once it is setup.  It’s also very easy to use. Check out this
Online Vista Backup page.  It’s not just for Vista. Yes this works on XP as well just fine.

Regardless of what method you use you should have at least a backup of your pictures.For most people thier children and wedding pictures are priceless.Your partner will be so greatful that you thought ahead and pre-paired for the worst.

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