Quick Fixes To Make Windows Boot Faster

The majority of PC owners run the Windows Operating System in one of its several editions. One thing these different versions have in common is that they get seem to get slower in booting up the longer you have your computer. There are many things which can cause a computer to boot slow, but luckily there are also plenty of things you can do to make Windows boot faster.

The Windows indexing program is by default turned on, and it can really take some time to boot up. If you turn off the automatic indexing, you will notice a slight improvement in your starting up time. The program is there to index everything on your computer so you can find files much quicker. The downside is that it takes up resources at boot time, and thus adds to the problem of slow start up.

Unless you are a designer, you may not need a lot of fonts on your computer. Some people like to make fancy emails, so they collect fonts. Every font you have in your Fonts folder has to load upon starting, so if you have a lot of them, it is costing you in boot time. Go through your fonts, and weed out those you don’t need to speed up the font load time.

Over time when you use your computer, you will be installing and uninstalling programs, sometimes on a frequent basis. Each time you add a program to your hard drive then uninstall later, you will be mixing the data on your drive. To combat this problem, defragging your hard drive is a must. This will bring all related data together so your computer runs faster, even upon booting.

Junk files are a real big problem for a lot of people. Using the Disk Cleanup tool can help get rid of junk files which are no longer needed and causing your computer to drag. Some of these will be temporary Internet files, while others will be bits of programs not being used anymore but still loading into memory when Windows starts. Disk Cleanup will take care of this for you.

If you want your computer to run its best in every way, then installing extra RAM may be your best bet. The more RAM your computer has the faster it is, even when it comes to boot up time. By following the above simple fixes you can make Windows boot faster, so you can get your work done or your game on.

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