Protecting Your Computer With No Adware

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    There is a lot of malicious software online and No Adware is a program that can protect your computer form the many types of malware that want to collect your personal information and infect your computer. Adware is a type of advertisement but much of the adware online is a type of spyware that is invisible but can greatly affect your computer as it takes up a lot of room on your hard drive. It collects your passwords and other important information and passes it on to the webmaster.   

    To keep your computer secure you need to have some type of anti adware program running and No Adware is one such program. This program protects against all types of malicious software such as Adware, Spyware, Worms and Trojans. Many anti adware programs does not protect against all types of malware, which is why No Adware is such an excellent program.    

    The first step that No Adware does when it is first installed on your computer is to completely scan your computer and detect any current infections. You will be surprised that you have more then you may think. Once it has gotten rid of any malware currently on your computer it will stop any other malware from installing itself so that you are always protected. The program itself receives updates each week so that you can protect your computer form the newest malware.   

    It is possible to try out the latest version of No Adware by downloading the latest version as a free trial. You will not have access to everything in the program but you have enough to evaluate the program. Once you decide to purchase the rest of the program you will have access to everything the program has to offer. A great feature is the ability to schedule your computer scans which is very useful for those that may frequently forget to schedule scans.   

    The program will notify you when you want to download something if it may contain any malware. Besides providing you notification that requires your answer for downloads it is also possible to configure the internet browser to block any malicious software. Additionally anytime you are online No Adware acts as a real time shield to protect your computer whenever you are connected the internet.   

    Other types of issues that can be a problem but in which No Adware takes care of includes protecting your Internet options and favorites file. Some types of malicious software will implant themselves in your favorites folder so that inappropriate and offensive websites may pop up when you try to access that folder.    

    These URL’s can become imbedded and cause many difficulties when opening your Internet browser. This is a great option that many programs do not have.   

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