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More than ever before, the average person is very much dependent on one or more personal computers to function in their daily lives. Most people now not only have a computer that they use at work, but they also have a personal computer in the home as well. There are even an increasing number of families that have PCs for each parent, as well as for each child in the family. With so much computing going on, on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of computer security concerns and the Norton Internet Security package is one of the best ways to do just that.

The fact is that as computers have become more omnipresent in businesses and homes, the thieves, con men and criminals have become better and better at finding ways to circumvent internet safety protocols so that they can invade your computer and access your personal files and your personal data. Because of this, there is a flourishing computer internet security software industry that is designed to help computer users stay one step ahead of the bad guys who would like to take advantage of people who are not as internet savvy and who are not aware of the internet threats out there.

The Norton Internet Security brand of software has long been rated as one of the best programs for internet security protection. Norton has been in business for over 20 years and has been providing some of the best quality and most innovative software packages to help computer users keep their machines running in tip-top condition.

As the internet came along, along with the many internet threats, such as computer viruses and spyware, Norton kept up with internet security trends and as a result, the company developed their security package. Because of their long history in making excellent software utility programs, Norton has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the software publishing industry and is considered a leader in protection internet security these days.

The most popular version of the Norton software for internet safety is the package that retails for about $60 and that will protect up to three computers in a household. This package includes both antivirus functions, as well as spyware detection. These are two of the most basic and most important functions that should be included in internet security systems.

In addition, this reasonably priced Norton internet safety utility package also included a two-way firewall. This firewall software can boost and enhance any other firewall software that might be on your system and it is important because it can detect and prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your computer from potentially harmful websites.

The Norton security package also includes an antispam module, as well as parental controls that give the parents the ability to lock access to certain internet sites so that youngsters do not have access to inappropriate material or content online. This feature can also be used to protect specific files or folders on the computer so that they are not inadvertently deleted or changed by a curious child.

Much like the other internet security software options on the market, the Norton Internet Security package is continually upgraded and updated to improve its performance and speed. Using the Norton internet safety software will also keep tabs on all email communications, as well as instant messaging, to make sure they are free from viruses and spyware, providing an even greater level of security to your system and for your entire family.

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