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What is in the latest release:

  • Password Protection – You can secure your settings, the Immunizer and the IntelliGuard now using a password.Although the user will determine the range of protection, modification of software settings can only be accomplished after entering a password if this feature is active.
    A password hint is used to support the recovery of lost passwords.
  • Full Screen Mode – Should the computer user want to watch movies, play games or display a full-screen presentation, PC Tools Spyware Doctor can be configured to detect this mode and silently prevent threats without interruption to your session. Popups are blocked and the History will record all events processed during this time.
  • Right Click Scan – Just right click on a  file, folder or drive and then your can perform a scan with Spyware Doctor.
  • New Scan Engine – The new scan engine has been integrated with file detection which will improve detection capabilities, improve scan speed and reduce memory usage. With the widespread adoption of netbooks, memory usage is key in today’s environment.
  • Network driver (TDI) enhancements – The update divides network TDI monitoring into the following components:
    1. TDI generic driver – Receive network events and pass them to plugins that are registered to receive those events
    2. Product specific Network Plugins – Spyware Doctor Site Guard Plugin will register with TDI to receive and handle Site Guard TDI events. This will allow an easy way to update drivers specific to the plugin without having to update all TDI driver components.

FYI: What is TDI? From Wikipedia:

The Transport Driver Interface or TDI is the protocol understood by the upper edge of the Transport layer of the Microsoft Windows kernel network stack.

Transport Providers are implementations of network protocols such as TCP/IP, NetBIOS, and AppleTalk.

When user-mode binaries are created by compiling and linking, an entity called a TDI client is linked into the binary. TDI clients are provided with the compiler. The user-mode binary uses the user-mode API of whatever network protocol is being used, which in turn causes the TDI client to emit TDI commands into the Transport Provider.


The purpose of the Transport Driver Interface is to provide an abstraction layer, permitting simplification of the TDI clients.

Fixes in Spyware Doctor include


  • GUI Enhancements
  • Minor driver updates
  • Internal bug fixes


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