Methods Of Speed Read

Speed reading is not a myth: people can learn how to speed read with a little time and patience. If you take the time to work on this skill, you can save time and learn and work more. Thus, it makes life that much more efficient. The following are some steps if you want to figure out how to speed read.

Know What You Have to Work With When Learning How to Speed Read

If you measure your eyesight and time your normal reading patterns, then you can better gauge what you need to improve on in order to learn how to speed read. So in order to this, the first thing you should do is to take vision test. If you already wear reading glasses, make sure they are the right kind. Even if you have issues with your eyes, you can still learn the basics of how to speed read. Next, it is important to figure out what your normal reading time is. This can help you when it comes to your training. Part of learning how to speed read is marking your progress once you start working towards building this skill. Thus, invest in a stopwatch and time how long it takes you to read a certain amount of words. Additionally, there are many tests you can take online that will time your reading skills.

Limit Environmental Distractions

One of the best ways to figure out how to speed read is to limit the distractions in your environment. This will make sure that you are more concerned about the job at hand and not only other things. Make sure to read without a TV, cell phone, or radio or around. Also, if is generally best to read in a place with few distractions: a quiet room is best, especially one without many photographs or paintings around.

Additionally, it is best not to read out loud to yourself. Often, people read out loud or even just mouth the words. This can add seconds to your reading time. If you want to know how to speed read, you need to be as efficient with your reading as possible. Try to stop yourself from pronouncing the words: humming or counting while you read may help you zone out and truly process what it is you are reading.

Use Your Fingers to Help You Read

One of the best ways to figure out how to speed read is to keep your eye motion consistent. To keep eye motion steady, you should use your hand to move across and down the page as the individual reads. At the time you read move the hand under each line: one’s eye should be pursuing the hand. As long as you keep your hand moving along at a steady pace, your eyes will stay on task and you will read more quickly.

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