Mail Keyboard Shortcuts Make Outlook 2007 Easier To Use

If you spend a lot of your day sending and receiving mail with Outlook 2007, you will find yourself going back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse constantly. Working like this is clumsy, because it causes you to take your hand off the keyboard, scroll around a bit with the mouse, do some clicking, then put your hand back on the keyboard and start typing again. You would be much more efficient (faster and probably more accurate too) if you didn’t have to do all that switching between mouse and keyboard. With keyboard shortcuts, you can eliminate much of that mousing around, which allows you to get your work done faster. Applying the shortcuts for the commands you rely on most will definitely make your work in Outlook more efficient.

If you have previous experience with Outlook (or other Microsoft products), you may already have some experience with keyboard shortcuts. But when Microsoft introduced Outlook 2007, they added the Ribbon, which led to many new keyboard shortcuts. You can take advantage of the new shortcuts are available when the Ribbon is visible. To start entering a new style shortcut, you press and release the Alt key.

From there, what you press next depends on where you are in Outlook. The length of a new-style keyboard shortcut varies, depending on how many levels down in the Ribbon the command appears, so you may have to press three or four keys to complete a command. Even so, this is a far more efficient way to do things than clicking your way through multiple levels of the Ribbon to reach the command you are after.

Here are a few of the shortcuts that apply when you are editing mail messages:

  • ALT, H, A, C – Center the selected paragraph
  • ALT, H, F, F – Select a list of fonts you can apply to the selected paragraph
  • ALT, O, F, Y – Display a list of styles to apply to the selected paragraph

As you can see, there’s a huge variety of keyboard shortcuts available to simplify your life when editing Outlook mail. It’s definitely worth memorizing a few key shortcuts that you’ll use frequently. The amount of savings may not appear to be great, but even if you save a second or two, when you multiply the savings by how many times you do it in a day, and it could really add up. The benefits are clear. Now you just need to find a good source of information on the best keyboard shortcuts to apply.

The Living With Outlook website contains a wide selection of the top Outlook keyboard shortcuts for you to choose from. To see the top Outlook mail shortcuts, including a cool procedure for sending a mail message without ever touching the mouse, go to

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