Killing the Adware Virtumonde Trojan

Many people who get infected with a virus have the Vritumonde Trojan. This particular virus works in many different way.Don't get me started on all the pop-ups, you will also notice your computer slow down to a crawl and most likely have a fake antivirus program like Antivrus 2009 or xp antivirus.  This fake client shows bogus scan results and then tries to trick the user into purchasing the product.  You can read more in-depth about the effects on this virtumonde removal site.

It is a very serious threat and has caused a lot of computers to go down. In most cases those who get infected got the bug very fast, one second they are surfing the web and the next everything has gone wrong.

Not all is lost because like everything computer related you can take action.  The first is to hire a tech to do it for you.  I know at first that you may think it costs way too much but that is not always the case.  We were able to find this Remote Computer Repair company and they can remove Virtumonde and all other threats for 89 bucks.Not bad at all.You don't have to pay those high prices for an in-home tech any more.

Trojan Virtumonde is among one of the latest viruses that is affecting a lot of computers throughout the world. Many people attempt to use free clients to remove this threat but the fact is we have not found one free client that can 100% remove this threat.  They all help and do there part but they still leave traces behind.

One of the more disturbing aspects of this threat is that it leaves the door wide open to the maker of the program.  They now can take over control of your computer and use it for malicious purposes.  This is not always the case but many of the Virtumonde strains can do this. 

Another great resource for removing this threat is this Remove Virus site.We were able to locate on website that is dedicated to Virtumonde removal and in fact has some great guides.

As usual there are still free ways of removing this threat.  The problem is you have to download several free products and scan with them all.  After about 7 hours you will be virus free but your computer is still not protected because free clients do not offer up front real time protection so you could end up getting re-infected the next time you are online.

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