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Let us now examine the different types of Billboard charts you can use as guideposts for obtaining the best music. Billboard categorizes all music into different genres. It then ranks each individual song in that genre. It also has listings for crossover music – music that can fit into two or more different genres. Billboard also lists the “Hot 100,” which of course lists 100 of the most popular current songs according to airplay and sales.

There are so many music charts, which you can listen to on the radio and TV. Some of the better-known charts include the American Top 40, Billboard, MTV, and Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40. Which of these do you like the best? Which one do you listen to every week? Each person probably has their own preference for which one they like the best.

American Top 40 is a music charts show with its ever-charming host Ryan Seacrest. The songs that have most popular rating and have maximum media base airplay are played on this show. However the chart show isn’t as hit and popular as Billboard Chart. Another chart show gaining popularity at a higher rate is Rick Dees weekly top 40. Prior to Ryan Seacrest, Rick hosted the American top 40 and was a very famous host.

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If you had the time to do an Internet search, you would find that the Internet has a large selection of music charts where you could find links to music related information. MTV, for instance, charts an extensive list of a variety of music forms. However, the list preferred by most musicians, for ranking, is the Billboard chart. Billboard has been charting music since 1957 and because of its longevity, its credibility is established.

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Music charts can tell you something about a song’s popularity, but there are several things to consider before you take one seriously. You need to know if the ranking has been done through a popular vote or because of the amount of airplay a song has received or by counting the number of sales the song has accumulated. You need to also consider whether you’re interested in how the song has done in a specific country or worldwide. Then you’ll know which chart is worth your following.

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Liking or disliking a particular music is one’s own personal choice. People have varied views about different songs; hence charts and rankings don’t make much sense.

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