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NetSuite Pricing

Cutting your software costs

I want to help you save money and I am never going to ask you for anything in return.

Every year I save thousands of pounds by not spending any money on software. I discovered there was a better way as a result of being frustrated by NetSuite pricing being out of my range. I have learned that I can easily complete most of my key business tasks using software that I paid nothing for. No business teacher will ever tell you this. I am constantly suprised by the people I talk to who work in small businesses and dont know about what I am imparting here.

To get the fastest benefit from this approach do the following.

  • Use ten minutes of your day looking for the free software tools.
  • Get Evernote to record your findings ($0).
  • ONLY spend ten minutes every day trying out what you have found.

In just one month you should not only have a fabulous list of tools, but have learned a great deal about what free software you have on hand to do a better job. Start by looking at the tools listed below just to get a feel for the stuff I work with on a regular basis.

To make this simple to understand I have listed the zero cost software on the left and the software you will have to pay for on the right, the chances are you have heard of the software on the right because they spend a large proportion of the money they take from you on marketing.

Here we go:

Just type the name of the free product to the search engines

One system to manage customers and accounting pricing: free NetSuite pricing – really expensive

Sorry I couldnt resist this one…

Creating and writing Documents

Google Docs pricing: $0 Microsoft Office pricing – at least $100


OpenOffice (

Sharing ideas online pricing: $0 Mindjet pricing – at least $200

Making videos

Jing pricing: $0 Camtasia Studio pricing – at least $300


DimDim pricing: $0 AdobeConnect pricing – at least $200/month

My thanks to the NetSuite pricing incident for the inspiration to write this up and help you out.

Come back soon as I will be adding more insights here…

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