How to Repair ActiveX Components

ActiveX components are software add-ons. While searching the web to improve the user experience these install applications like toolbars, video streaming, stock ticker and other useful applications.
If your computer is slow it maybe because there is an increased amount of activex components which is making your computer registry corrupt.
The activex needs to be restored using the following actions, when one of these components fails to responed correctly.
You can download activex on your browser depending on your settings.

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Activex by default will not run in internet explorer unless you adjust the settings. This is done depending on your security needs.It is recommended that the default settings are kept because components from unknown sources can harmĀ  your computer.

Hints and Tips to Repair Activex Controls

The computer registry is updated with many Activex codes. This can make your computer run slower than usual.
When you are searching the internet and errors occur this is due to similar components that could exist in the registry.
A computer professional may be required when repairing entries in your computer registry.
When you clean the Windows registry and repair Activex entries the issue should be cleared.
Unfortunately, Cleaning the system registry is not easy.
If by accident you remove the wrong entries, your computer could be out of action.
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Always remember to take a full back up before removing files from the system registry.
If you are not comfortable with repairing the windows registry you should download a good registry repair program.This maybe the best way to repair Activex.
During the software scan the unused entries will be found by the software programs. These programs are safer and will give the best results than doing it manually.
A good anti virus software should be installed on your computer. A virus can cause activex problems. Anti virus will run scans to insure your computer is virus free.
If you are in doubt the best thing to do is purchase a good registry repair program. Old Activex codes that are no longer used are deleted. This will allow your computer to run more efficiently.
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