How to Make Vista Boot Faster Once You Install It

Windows Vista is supposed to be the best that Microsoft has to offer. Some people are not happy with it while others are very happy with it. Some say Vista boots up slow, others say there is no difference. If you believe there is a slow boot up problem there are a few tips that can help you to try to get it to boot up a bit faster. The more ram and the bigger the processor the better that your computer will handle Windows Vista.

While you have this window open you can also go into start up programs and disable ones that you do not need to load up on startup like a chat program. You can also go to the services tab and disable services that you do not need to have running the whole time your computer is on such as the camera loader, a bit torrent program, or a peer to peer program.

Dual or Quad core computers are what today’s computers have in them, but often the computer is not configured properly for boot up to use all of the cores. The default is set at one core, you need to go into msconfig and go to the boot tab and go into the advanced tab and change the core to the proper number for your computer. It is a drop down menu. This will allow the computer to use both cores for boot up.

Keep your hard disk clean, run disk clean up daily, double check that cookies and caches have been emptied. Temp and Temporary folders are often forgotten and there are more than a few in the Vista program. Get rid of older programs that you do not use. Back up media files to disk or a portable hard drive so that they are not taking up unneeded space on your PC.

Take care of all of your computer maintenance. Run your defragmentation weekly. Installing more ram is also a way to keep your computer booting up and running fast. These are a few of the easiest ways to help Vista boot faster if you are having any problems.

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