How To Improve Your Own Reading Speed

Reading is a passion for many people, and is fun for those who enjoy it. But, if the reading speed is not fast, it can be very time-consuming, limiting the reading material that one can read in a day. For any person, the average reading speed is 250-300 words per minute, but this rate largely depends on the reading experience and material. When trying to improve your own reading speed, it is important not to compromise on the level of understanding.

How To Improve Your Own Reading Speed

To improve your own reading speed, look at all the main headings, and preview the material you are going to read. Look at the table of contents, and get the clue regarding structure of the reading material.

As you go through the material, change the speed of reading based on the level of difficulty and understanding. If the book is well-known to you, you can read it quickly. To improve your own reading speed, do not sound out each word, or focus on every letter of the word. As a substitute, you can absorb a number of words of the text at a time. Computer programs such as Rapid Reader and Speed Reader help you improve your own reading speed by flashing the words and letters.

Another way to improve your own reading speed   is to focus on few key words in the entire sentence. We spend most of the reading time in prepositions, conjunctions and articles. Using finger or pen as a focal point to draw the eyes across the page can help increase the reading speed.

In order to have proper assimilation, discuss it with your friends or other students. To improve your own reading speed, select the time of the day when you feel alert and fresh to grab new information. Finding a good reading spot with less distractions and interruptions can help improve the speed and lead to better understanding.

The best way to improve your own reading speed is to practice as much as you can. If you have trouble reading, get your eye-sight tested, or get the reading glasses. In order to increase the speed of reading, do not miss out on the essential information. Avoid reading aloud as this lessen the speed of reading.

There are number of software programs available that you can use to enhance your speed of reading. There are special programs available designed for the people with very poor reading capability. These speed reading programs include looking at the center of the screen while lines around it expand. Another program is designed to guide the reader through the lines of book being shown on the screen at a certain speed. It contains highlighted texts, and indicates whether user needs to read it or not.

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